The 2018 Trending Superfoods Are All Vegan! Here They Are:

FIRST it was almond milk, then the food world turned its attention to matcha, and in 2017 plant-based eating was all the go.

So what are the superfood trends we will be seeing in 2018 if they haven’t crossed your path already?



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A protein-rich seed, hemp can be used as a complete protein as it contains all the essential amino acids and is also a rich source of essential fats. Used as a nutrient-rich addition to a range of foods including muffins, smoothies and yoghurt, hemp packs a strong nutritional punch although is a lot more expensive than chia and its distinct flavour is not necessarily appealing to all.


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With vegan foods one of the fastest growing consumer categories in supermarkets, expect to see more and more vegan-friendly products. In particular, alternatives to dairy-based options continue to grow with a range of vegan-friendly milks on the increase.

Also expecting to see growth is meat alternatives that use tofu, tempeh and grains such as quinoa to mimic the taste and texture of meat in 100 per cent plant-based food.


Vegan Joy Alert! Mushroom Meat Is Coming Soon! (and it's pure non-GMO stuff)

A range of different mushrooms have been used by both the Chinese and Japanese healers for centuries to treat numerous ailments. With shiitake, reishi and maitake mushrooms most frequently referred to, cooked varieties of these mushrooms are known to increase immune system activity.

As such, there is a growing range of mushroom powders and supplementary drinks being promoted for their healing and immune-boosting capacities. Expect to see a mushroom coffee at your favourite cafe very soon.


Forget fish oil — the latest way to get your daily dose of omega 3 fats is with algae. A source of chlorophyll, long-chain omega 3 fats and iodine, algae is a nutrient-rich organism.


Supplement companies have been working on new mixes of this age-old diet remedy for the past couple of years as interest in its role in weight loss is growing. A type of vinegar made from apples, it has been used for hundreds of years as a remedy for a range of ailments.

The good news about apple cider vinegar is that there is some evidence that it helps regulate blood glucose levels for those with elevated glucose. Unfortunately this benefit does not extend to the average person, though it is not harmful. So if you like to include a teaspoon or two in your daily routine and think it has benefits, there is no reason to stop.


turmeric smoothie vegan

The name given to a group of plant foods that are hypothesised to have an anti-stress role in the body, we most commonly consume them in rosemary, turmeric and licorice root. This specific range of plants are hypothesised to have anti-inflammatory benefits and as such can now be found in a range of supplementary products.

But while we all sip on our turmeric lattes, the reality is that it is the natural cuisines these foods appear in that seem to offer the health benefits as opposed to the concentrated supplementary forms, but watch this space.