15 Delicious Fruits That Are Also Surprisingly High In Protein

I know most vegans don’t care about protein intake, as they’ve read enough about the ‘protein myth’, believing we don’t need as much of this nutrient as everyone wants us to believe.

Still, protein is the single most important building block in each of our cells and I recommend you check out this article on How Much Protein Exactly For Vegans.

I personally lead a very active life, and my protein needs are quite high.

I don’t need a doctor to tell me that –

my body becomes weak and I literally have a hard time walking if I don’t supplement with a protein powder (though I get plenty of protein from whole foods too).

All I am saying is that everyone is different, and we should all listen to our body signals! I am also a huge fan of fruit, in fact I think I love fruits more than veggies and it’s great to know some of my favorite picks (which I often choose to start my day with) are also high in this important nutrient!

So,  here are thehigh protein fruits

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1. Dried Apricots: 3.4g Protein (6% DV)

15 Delicious Fruits That Are Also Surprisingly High In Protein

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Apricots rock the number one spot on our list, but they have to be the dried variety, as fresh apricots don’t yield the same amount of protein. You’ll find that with most dried fruit their values are concentrated, but so is the sugar content.

Even better than the protein they provide, apricots are also an excellent source of Vitamin A, which acts as an antioxidant within the body to help protect it from free radical damage, especially damage done to the eyes.

Apricots also contain a fair amount of potassium, which helps maintain healthy blood pressure numbers. The benefit of eating fruit to supplement your protein requirements is that you’ll almost always be getting extra benefits from antioxidants and minerals, as well as fiber.

2. Raisins: 3.1g Protein (6% DV)

15 Delicious Fruits That Are Also Surprisingly High In Protein

Raisins grab the number two spot, and they’re packing more protein than the grapes they started off as. Their chewy sweetness is often used in baking and with snacks to provide nutrition, including added protein.

Raisins will help out your digestion, and they’re an often overlooked source of calcium, so you’re getting support for your bones when you eat them.

Raisins are also a good source of iron and potassium, and a decent source of fiber. As with dried apricots and other dried fruits you’ll want to be careful with total amount of sugar taken in, as they can contain more sugar than your average fruit.

3. Guava: 2.6g Protein (5% DV)

15 Delicious Fruits That Are Also Surprisingly High In Protein

Guava may not be in your regular fruit lineup, but there are plenty of reasons to give it a regular role in your diet. Of course to take the number three spot on our list guava needs to provide substantially more protein than other fruits, and it does, but it has plenty of other qualities that can’t be ignored.

When you eat guava you’ll be getting lycopene, the antioxidant in tomatoes that earns tomatoes the reputation for being so healthy. Guavas actually contain more lycopene ounce for ounce than tomatoes, and lycopene has shown consistent results as being an anti-cancer antioxidant.

Guava is also a good way to boost your immune system because it’s full of Vitamin C, far more than oranges, and even a small serving, such as half a guava, will give you your total Vitamin C for the day.

4. Dates: 2.4g Protein (5% DV)

15 Delicious Fruits That Are Also Surprisingly High In Protein

Dates are a very good source of protein, and along with others in the top 5 on our list it will provide you with roughly 5% of what you need for the day. Not too much compared to big protein foods like chicken, but when used along with other fruits and vegetables it can add up.

You’re helping to boost your potassium numbers when you eat dates, which will help you avoid running a potassium deficiency which can lead to several health complications.

When eating dates you’ll also be helping to achieve your fiber goals for the day, as they’re a good source that will help your cholesterol levels as well as stabilize your blood sugar levels.

5. Prunes: 2.2g Protein (4% DV)

15 Delicious Fruits That Are Also Surprisingly High In Protein

Prunes are known for their fiber content and their ability to help keep you regular, but they also rank pretty highly in the protein department, for a fruit. Having a few prunes each day is a good habit to get into, but like all dried fruits be sure to limit your consumption due to the high sugar content.

In addition to their fiber and protein content, prunes are also a good source of phenols which will help you avoid cancer and help keep your heart healthy. Their fiber content will help keep your blood glucose levels stable which helps you maintain a healthy weight, and avoid the onset of diabetes. That’s a small fruit with a lot of healthy benefits to it.

Go with whole prunes rather than prune juice, as there is more protein in it, and more potassium.

6. Avocado: 2g Protein (4% DV)

15 Delicious Fruits That Are Also Surprisingly High In Protein

You may be surprised to find avocados on a list of protein-filled fruits, but it outdoes many of its fruit relatives in the protein department, even though it gets most of the attention for its healthy fats.

Avocados used to be considered something you should avoid eating too much of because of their fat content. These days we know that not all fats are the same, and the kind of fat avocado contains are the kind that you should be getting, both to help lose fat and also as part of a complete and healthy diet.

Avocados have plenty of benefits in addition to their protein, and most of the time their potassium and healthy fat content is what gets the focus. You simply can’t go wrong by adding more avocado to your diet, especially in the summer and winter months.

7. Kumquat: 1.9g Protein (3% DV)

15 Delicious Fruits That Are Also Surprisingly High In Protein

If you’ve never had a kumquat you definitely need to add it to your shopping list. Not only do they contain more protein than many other fruits, they are full of vitamins and phytonutrients that help the body in a number of ways.

Kumquats can be used as part of an anti-inflammatory diet designed to reduce the symptoms of inflammation in the body. They’re also a good source of fiber, and can give you a boost of energy if you’re feeling run down thanks to their riboflavin content.

Kumquats aren’t just a decent source of protein, they’re also a great source of important vitamins, vitamins such as Vitamin C which will help your immune system.

8. Jackfruit: 1.7g Protein (3% DV)

15 Delicious Fruits That Are Also Surprisingly High In Protein

You may have to search around to find jackfruit, or go to a fruit market, but it’s worth the hunt. Jackfruit is not only a good source of fruit protein but it’s also high in Vitamin C and fiber, like many other fruits on our list.

One feature of jackfruit that you won’t want to overlook is its potassium content. Much like a banana a serving of jackfruit will boost your potassium and help you reach your daily requirement.

One thing that most fruits have in common is their antioxidant content. Jackfruit is no exception, and it contains Vitamin C as well as a bit of Vitamin A to help the body fight off free radical damage.

9. Currants: 1.4g Protein (3% DV)

15 Delicious Fruits That Are Also Surprisingly High In Protein

Because of the bright red color of red currants, you can add a splash of color to your plate while at the same time adding protein, fiber, and important minerals to your diet.

Currants are loaded with fiber, and will help you meet your fiber needs. It’s important to consider fiber along with protein because many high-protein foods contain little to no fiber. Eating a food like currants that is a source of protein as well as fiber is a great way to supplement your protein intake and help your digestive system function.

Currants also provide you with a big chunk of your Vitamin C requirement, and are on par with the kind of Vitamin C you get from an orange.

10. Raspberries: 1.2g Protein (2% DV)

15 Delicious Fruits That Are Also Surprisingly High In Protein

Raspberries may not be bursting with protein, but they will help contribute to your total grams of protein taken for the day, and round you out with an array of vitamins, minerals, and fiber, making them more than worth your while.

Raspberries and other berries made our list of superfoodsthanks to the antioxidant value they have, which is important when you’re trying to undo some of the damage by free radicals. You wouldn’t want to rely on raspberries alone to meet your antioxidant needs, but when combined with other healthy foods they will tip the scales in your favor.

In addition to their protein and antioxidant content, raspberries are also a respectable source of fiber, so you’re getting at least three great benefits from eating them.

11. Bananas: 1.1g Protein (2% DV)

15 Delicious Fruits That Are Also Surprisingly High In Protein

Bananas contain enough protein to make our list of high protein fruits, but keep in mind that they’ll only add a fraction of your total recommended daily value of protein.

It’s the other features of bananas that make them a smart choice as part of a protein-conscious diet. They are well-known for their potassium, which provides you a full 10% of what you need each day.

Besides potassium and protein, bananas will also help you top up your fiber for the day. Enjoying a daily banana can help you maintain a healthy weight, can keep your digestive system moving, and because of the potassium they contain can help keep your blood pressure numbers in line.

12. Peaches: 0.9g Protein (1% DV)

15 Delicious Fruits That Are Also Surprisingly High In Protein

Peaches signal summertime and you can add to your protein intake by having a peach. Much like the other entries on our list, peaches bring a lot more to the table than just a bit of protein.

Peaches are a source of beta-Carotene, which helps with your eyesight as well as your immune system. You can spot beta-Carotene foods via their orange coloration. Think carrots, sweet potatoes, cantaloupe, and others with an orange hue.

They are also a good source of fiber, which helps to keep your digestive organs clean and toxin-free. For this reason you’ll often see them included in diet and weight loss programs for the natural weight loss effect they provide.

13. Figs: 0.8g Protein (1% DV)

15 Delicious Fruits That Are Also Surprisingly High In Protein

No matter if you go with fresh figs or dried figs you’ll be getting some protein from them, as well as other nutrients that contribute to a healthy diet.
The main variation you’ll find with figs is whether they’re fresh or dried. Dried figs will provide more protein per gram, but they’re also much higher in sugar, which counterbalances the benefit you get from the protein.

Figs also made our list of foods highest in calcium, and are also a good source of potassium. In dried form they are an excellent source of fiber, which will help you feel full and is a great complement to a high-protein diet.

14. Grapefruit: 0.8g Protein (1% DV)

15 Delicious Fruits That Are Also Surprisingly High In Protein

Grapefruit has earned the reputation as being a healthy food, and it provides a modest amount of protein compared to other fruit on our list. Overall, you’ll be getting plenty of benefits by eating grapefruit, many of which overshadow anything you’d get from its protein content.

Grapefruit can help with weight loss efforts, and you don’t need to use it as part of any Grapefruit Diet or extreme weight loss plan. A daily grapefruit in the morning provides you with a good start on your fiber, while being a low-calorie food and providing you energy to get you through your morning.

In addition to its weight loss benefits and protein, grapefruit is also a good source of Vitamin C, like most citrus fruit. This will strengthen your immune system, making grapefruit a great fruit to have through the winter, when the flu and other viruses are being passed around.

15. Cantaloupe: 0.8g Protein (1% DV)

15 Delicious Fruits That Are Also Surprisingly High In Protein

One of the tastier ways to increase your protein is to have some cantaloupe. Its sweet flavor and soft texture make it a delicious addition to your day, and it has plenty more going for it.

Cantaloupe is high in Vitamin A and Vitamin C, a duo that really helps out your immune system with two powerful antioxidants that will go to work protecting you from free radical damage.

Because of its orange color, cantaloupe is a source of beta-Carotene, an antioxidant that helps your eyesight as well as your immune system. It also contains some fiber, to help with your digestive system.

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