15 Epic Vegan Father’s Day Recipes To Celebrate The Men In Your Life

An attitude of appreciation towards our loved ones is what makes life joyful and fulfilling on a day-to-day basis, but I have come to absolutely get excited over the special days, dedicated to acknowledge the important figures in our lives. The father figure is the one, who brings a sense of stability, wholeness, and solid support throughout our upbringing, and I believe it is wonderful to pay this special extra attention to our own fathers as well as the father of our children. We all know the saying that the love of a man goes through their stomach, and I cannot deny that most of the men I have come across in my life, DO appreciate the heartiness of a well-cooked meal.

So, here are 15 delicious, heart-warming vegan meals for father’s day that your daddy and/or hubby will certainly appreciate, whether they are vegan or not!

1. Mouthwatering Pulled Jackfruit Sandwich With Bbq Sauce

pulled jackfruit sandwich

This juicy, delicious sandwich is fit for a king and any man in your life will truly appreciate the meaty texture!

2. Palatable Vegan Buffalo “Chicken” Hot Bites 

buffalo chicken bites vegan

What can be more pleasing to the tongue than a crusty, crispy, savory-sweetish baked dough on the outside, and a melty, juicy, heavenly-flavored filling on the inside? These hot bites will certainly be a hit for your father’s day celebration!

3. Juicy Vegan Tofu Steak

Crispily Creamy Vegan Tofu Steak

It is lightly crispy on the outside and creamy on the inside. Just one mouthfilling bite of this will make your dad melt!

4. Gooey Chocolate Chunk Brownies

Chocolaty Gooey Chocolate Chunk Vegan Brownies

These warm, gooey brownies are speckled with coconut flakes and have chunks of melt-in-your-mouth chocolate throughout. The perfect treat to give dad!

5. Cheesy, Melty Vegan Zucchini Enchiladas

vegan zucchini enchiladas

A rich, tasty, flavorful meal, using jackfruit as a chicken substitute to make this a true cruelty-free delight!

6. Tofu Kebabs With Grilled Mango Sorrel Salad

bbq tofu kebaps

Give Dad a break from grilling and make him these Tofu Kebabs With Grilled Mango Sorrel Salad. With a variety of sweet and savory vegetables, along with marinated tofu, this recipe is sure to be a summer crowd-pleaser! It comes with a side salad packed with healthy greens and grilled mango, along with a bed of rice.

7. Impossibly Delicious Vegan Falafel Sandwich

vegan falafel sandwich

The combination of crispy fried falafel, creamy condiments, crunchy salad and tangy pickles takes this spiced vegan sandwich to the next level.

8. Phenomenal Crispy ‘Vegan Chicken’ Sweet Potato Sandwiches

vegan crispy chicken sandwiches

Made from rice and sweet potato and coated in herbed breadcrumbs, then fried until crispy, they’ll satisfy all your dad’s crunchy sandwich cravings.

9. The Most Authentic Vegan Pasta Carbonara

The Most Authentic Vegan Pasta Carbonara

The vegan bacon adds a crispy texture to the dish. It’s decadent, rich but not overloaded with cheese or anything too creamy. It’s just eggy, cheesy goodness.

10. Beyond Yummy Summer Vegan Pizza

summer vegan pizza

Who doesn’t love a delicious savory and sweet combo? On this pizza pie, the sweet tangy peppers are complimented by the creamy avocado and mild green onion, while the peach purée brings an exotic flavor to an otherwise pretty classic pizza. Yum!

11. Spanakopita

vegan spinach pie

Delicious, flaky, and buttery pie. This is super delicious, healthy and makes a satisfying meal.

12. Silky Vegan Chocolate Cream Pie

vegan chocolate cream pie

Skip the trip to the bakery and make Dad this Chocolate Cream Pie. What could be better than a hazelnut-almond shortbread crust layered with decadent chocolate filling and topped with airy whipped coconut cream? We can’t think of anything! This pie is silky, sweet, crunchy, and deliciously addicting!

13. Loaded Baked Potato With Carrot Bacon

loaded vegan potato

Giving Dad something indulgent in a healthier way is the best gift you can give – like this Loaded Baked Potato With Carrot Bacon. Usually loaded baked potatoes have an obscene amount of butter, sour cream, and bacon. However, sub in vegan butter, a cashew-based sour cream, and carrot bacon, and boom! Healthy potato recipe!

14. Chocolate-Covered Chocolate Chip Ice Cream Sandwiches

chocolate chip ice cream sandwiches

These melt-in-your-mouth vegan ice cream sandwiches are so dreamy that I am not sure how many batches you need to make in order for them to be enough!

15. Vegan Coconut Cherry Ice Cream Layer Cake

Coconut gives the cake an exotic tropical twist, while the addition of sugar intensifies the tangy sweetness of the cherries. The ice cream cake feels unexpectedly light, fruity and delightfully refreshing.

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