145 Vegan Restaurant Dishes Options For Your Dinner Night Out! (And ONE Crucial Rule To Follow)

How often do you eat out? I have to admit, despite the fact I LOVE cooking and sharing my awesome dishes with family and friends, I need at least one or two nights per week when I eat out.

Although I have a few places only, where I like to eat out, this still brings some freshness and excitement to my life. It’s something about getting together with friends, talking, sharing, while eating a meal that gives me a feel-good vibe. It’s almost like a ‘pleasure dose’ that I need!

Yet, I do know many vegans  find the experience stressful, mostly due to the fact that most of their friends are non-vegans, and it may be hard to find the balance where both sides feel satisfied with the night out!

Well, I just might have the solution with this HUGE list of restaurant menu options, where you can see at a glance the type of vegan food you can eat at a restaurant near you.

vegan options in america's restaurants

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Before I show  it to you though, I would like to share with you a CRUCIAL RULE to follow when eating out with friends:

Make it about the experience, not the food!

What does this mean? Often, I know that the only thing I will be able to eat when I go out with someone are french fries and a salad. Yet, I make it all about the fact I will share food in a new atmosphere, I will get to meet my friends, and I will enjoy their company. And come on, who doesn’t love french fries? I personally never make them at home! So, just stop making french fries at home, and you will have something to be excited about even if the vegan options at a restaurant aren’t so rich!

Except for this, here are a few other practical steps to follow when eating out at non-purely vegan restaurants:

  1. Tell your server that you’re on a vegan diet and have special dietary restrictions. Letting the servers know that you’re a vegan and that you can’t have anything with any animal products whatsoever will them make your dish as vegan-friendly as possible.
  2. Double check that your meal is vegan. Even if it has a name that sounds vegan, always double check with the server (or this website  ) to ensure that it truly is vegan.
  3. Make sure there isn’t any hidden non-vegan item in your meal. Butter always seems to be the culprit that always finds a way to sneak into your vegan dish. So always double check with the server (reinforcing tip #1 and #2).

By following these tips, you’ll be sure to enjoy a truly vegan meal from whatever restaurant you visit, preferably one of the ones on this list.

Okay so with that being said, let’s get to the vegan restaurant menus and options.

145 Vegan Restaurant Dishes Options Just For You

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Enjoy and dig in!

Here are all the fast food restaurant chains that offers vegan food and drink options for you to enjoy:

1. Atlanta Bread Company Vegan Menu

Salads, vegetable soups, and some many great breads.

2. Au Bon Pain Vegan Menu

Get a portobello sandwich without cheese. Or opt for a great soup.

3. Baja Fresh Vegan Menu

Rice and beans without cheese.

4. Bareburger Vegan Menu

Get a black bean burger or better, opt for the farmers quinoa veggie patty or portobello mushroom.

5. Blimpie Vegan Menu

Veggie sandwich on white.

6. Boston Market Vegan Menu

Steamed vegetables without butter.

7. Bruegger’s Bagels Vegan Menu

So many bagel and bread potions.

8. Burger King Vegan Menu

Salads and fries

9. California Tortilla Vegan Menu

Get a delicious burrito with some modifications (see menu).

10. Carl’s Jr Vegan Menu

Mostly salad.

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11. Chick Fil A Vegan Menu

Fries, salad, and as much lemonade as you can drink.

12. Chipotle Mexican Vegan Menu

Get a burrito or bowl with rice, beans, and veggies.

13. The Counter Vegan Menu

Fries and a veggie burger.

14. Cosi Vegan Menu

Just soup and salad.

15. Cousins Subs Vegan Menu

Try the garden vegetable sub without cheese.

16. Culver’s Vegan Menu

Get a salad without croutons or cheese.

17. D’Angelo Vegan Menu

Salads, soups, and wraps.

18. Dairy Queen Vegan Menu

Pair your salad with an Arctic Rush.

19. Daphne’s Greek Cafe Vegan Menu

Falafel, rice pilaf, and hummus.

20. Del Taco Vegan Menu

No salads, no full meals, just vegetables and tortillas.

21. Dunkin Donuts Vegan Menu

Muffins, bagels, and coffee (iced or hot) with soy, almond, or coconut milk.

22. Einstein Bros Bagels Vegan Menu

Salads, breads, and some hummus spread.

23. El Pollo Loco Vegan Menu

Pinto beans and spanish rice.

24. Extreme Pita Vegan Menu

Get the vegetarian pita.

25. Firehouse Subs Vegan Menu

Get the veggie sub without cheese, mayo and mushrooms. Or opt for a salad.

26. Five Guys Burgers and Fries Vegan Menu

Just fries.

27. Flat Top Grill Vegan Menu

Get some noodles and curry.

28. Frulatti Cafe Vegan Menu

Get a sandwich without cheese.

29. Great Wraps Vegan Menu

Garden salad with balsamic vinaigrette.

30. Hardee’s Vegan Menu

Side salad without cheese.

31. In N Out Burger Vegan Menu

Get fries.

32. Jimmy Johns Vegan Menu

Try the vegetarian sandwich without cheese or mayo.

33. K and W Cafeterias Vegan Menu

A wide selection of fresh vegetables, salads, soups, pastas, and fruits

34. KFC Vegan Menu

Corn on the cob and house salad.

35. Krystal Burger Vegan Menu

Salad with cheese or chicken.

36. Long John Silvers Vegan Menu

Corn, that’s it.

37. Manhattan Bagel Vegan Menu

So. Many. Bagels.

38. Maui Tacos Vegan Menu

Taco salad without meat, cheese, or sour cream.

39. McAlister’s Deli Vegan Menu

Try the veggie chili.

40. Mimi’s Cafe Vegan Menu

Asian chopped salad without chicken.

41. Moe’s Southwest Grill Vegan Menu

Get a burrito or bowl without cheese, sour cream, or meat.

42. Mr. Goodcents Vegan Menu

Get a pasta or garden salad.

43. Mr. Greek Vegan Menu

Salad or fries. Take your pick.

44. Nature’s Table Vegan Menu

Sandwiches, wraps, salads, and smoothies.

45. New York Fries Vegan Menu


46. Noodles and Company Vegan Menu

A nice selection of noodles and salads.

47. On the Border Vegan Menu

House salad with sides.

48. Pals Vegan Menu

Get the frenchie fry.

49. Panera Bread Vegan Menu

Bagels, salads, soups, breads, and a few sandwiches with some modifications. (see menu)

50. Pancheros Mexican Grill Vegan Menu

Veggie burttiob bowl or tacos.

51. Panago Pizza Vegan Menu

Get the gluten free pizza crust topped with some meat-free pepperoni.

52. Paradise Bakery Vegan Menu

Pasta salad and soups.

53. Pita Pit Vegan Menu

Try one of their tasty vegan pita options.

54. Qdoba Vegan Menu 

Get a burrito, taco, salad, or burrito bowl with rice beans, veggies, and more.

55. Quiznos Subs Vegan Menu

Get a chopped salad or a Veggie Wheat without dressing or cheese.

56. Red Robin Vegan Menu

Opt for a salad or fries with no Red Robin seasoning.

57. Rib City Vegan Menu

Garden salad with a plain baked potato.

58. Roly Poly Vegan Menu

Choose one of their vegan sandwich options, with a few modifications.

59. Samurai Sam’s Vegan Menu

Get some rice or a veggie yaki soba bowl.

60. Sandellas Flatbread Vegan Menu

Try a cheese-less frat bread.

61. Sheetz Vegan Menu

Salads, rolls, breads, or bagels. Take your pick.

62. Smashburger Vegan Menu

No burgers, just a salad mins cheese.

63. Spicy Pickle Vegan Menu

Chips, garden vegetable soup, and salad.

64. St. Hubert Vegan Menu

Get a salad with a couple modifications.

65. Steak N Shake Vegan Menu

Try the Veggie Melt on rye or sourdough with a portobello mushroom and no cheese or margarine.

66. Stir Crazy Vegan Menu

Opt for some edamame or stir fry.

67. Subway Vegan Menu

Get a salad or veggie sandwich on some of their best breads.

68. Taco Bell Vegan Menu

Opt for some cinnamon twists, a bean burrito without cheese or a veggie cantina burrito without the cilantro dressing.

69. Taco Cabana Vegan Menu

Mostly rice and beans.

70. Taco Del Mar Vegan Menu

Get the vegetarian burrito or taco shell salad.

71.Taco Time Vegan Menu

Try the mexi fries and mexi rice.

72. Tossed Vegan Menu

Get the fruit salad, summer salad, or even a tofu crepe.

73. Wendy’s Vegan Menu

Get the garden side salad and a plain baked potato.

74. Zaxby’s Vegan Menu

Side salad and crinkle cut fries.

75. Zero’s Sub Vegan Menu

Cosmo deluxe without cheese.

Vegan Table-Service Restaurant Options

Here are all the table service restaurants that offer vegan menu options:

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1. Applebees Vegan Menu

Salads and that’s about it.

2. Big Bowl Vegan Menu

Noodles, pot stickers, and salads.

3. BJ’s Restaurant and Brewhouse Vegan Menu

Salads without cheese and croutons.

4. Boston’s Pizza Vegan Menu

Pizza and pasta without cheese.

5. Buca di Beppo Vegan Menu


6. Buffalo Wild Wings Vegan Menu

Salads without cheese.

7. California Pizza Kitchen Vegan Menu

Vegetarian pizzas are delicious.

8. Carino’s Vegan Menu

House salad without cheese and croutons.

9. Carrabba’s Vegan Menu

Some great vegan pasta dishes.

10. Carlucci’s Vegan Menu

Some salads, bruschetta and pastas.

11. Cheesecake Factory Vegan Menu

Get a huge salad or some great pasta dishes!

12. Chili’s Vegan Menu

Meatless fajitas and salads with some veggie sides.

13. Chin’s Asia Fresh Vegan Menu

Noodle soups, curry, and vegetable entrees with plenty of tofu.

14. Chuck E Cheese Vegan Menu

Go ham on the salad bar.

15. Cici’s Pizza Vegan Menu

Pasta and pizza without any cheese.

16. Counter Vegan Menu

Get the veggie burger with 50/50 fries (normal and sweet potato).

17. Cracker Barrel Vegan Menu

Oatmeal, salads, and coffee.

18. Dennys Vegan Menu

Get the veggie burger.

19. Dickey’s BBQ Pit Vegan Menu

Only sides, no entrees.

20. Edo Japan Vegan Menu

Try the avocado roll.

21. Famous Daves Vegan Menu

No meats (obviously) just sides.

22. FATZ Cafe Vegan Menu

Get a salad and a grilled vegetable skewer.

23. Fazoli’s Vegan Menu

Get a tasty pasta dish with marinara.

24. Ground Round Vegan Menu

Try the sautéed mushroom burger.

25. IHOP Vegan Menu

House salads and oatmeal. You can even get hash browns along as they’re cooked without butter or PAM.

26. Johnny Rockets Vegan Menu

Fries are the best bet.

27. Kona Grill Vegan Menu

Vegetable sushi rolls, pan asian noodles, and rice.

28. Legal Sea Foods Vegan Menu

Get the vegetarian box.

29. Logan’s Roadhouse Vegan Menu

Get a grilled mushroom skewer or a house salad with cheese, bacon, and eggs.

30. Longhorn Steakhouse Vegan Menu

So many fresh steamed vegetable options.

31. Macaroni Grill Vegan Menu

Thankfully you can enjoy all pasta noodles with tomato basil sauce.

32. Maggiano’s Little Italy Vegan Menu

Get a pasta with a side of asparagus.

33. Melting Pot Vegan Menu

Not to many options to cook.

34. Old Spaghetti Factory Vegan Menu


35. Olive Garden Vegan Menu

Be sure to order eggless pasta.

36. Outback Steakhouse Vegan Menu

Get an eggless pasta with a salad or baked potato.

37. Palm Vegan Menu

Most salads and vegetable sides (grilled or steamed).

38. Pei Wei Asian Diner Vegan Menu

Edamame and spring rolls.

39. Pick Up Stix Vegan Menu

Get a side of tofu.

40. PF Changs Vegan Menu

Get the vegetarian lettuce wraps, spring rolls, and coconut curry vegetables,

41. Rainforest Cafe Vegan Menu

Steamed veggies.

42. Red Hot and Blue Vegan Menu

Baked potatoes and Oreos.

43. Red Lobster Vegan Menu

Garden salad with french dressing is pretty good.

44. Red Robin Vegan Menu

Lots of salads but a lot of modifications.

45. Ruby Tuesday Vegan Menu

Take on the salad bar.

46. Uno Chicago Grill Vegan Menu

Thin crust pizza made without cheese or butter.

47. Yard House Vegan Menu

Most salads and edamame.

48. Zizzi Vegan Menu

Olives, salads, and bruschetta.

Vegan Pizza Restaurant Options

Here are all the pizza chains that offer vegan pizza options:

1. Dominos Pizza Vegan Menu

Get the thin crust pizza.

2. Ledo Pizza Vegan Menu

Get the vegetable pizza without cheese.

3. Little Caesars Vegan Menu

Veggie pizza without cheese.

4. Old Chicago Pizza Vegan Menu

Get the thin crust pizza made without eggwash.

5. Papa Johns Vegan Menu

Original hand tossed pizza with breadsticks.

6. Peter Piper Pizza Vegan Menu

Pizzas with all the veggies.

7. Pizza Fusion Vegan Menu

Get the white crust with vegan soy cheese.

8. Pizza Hut Vegan Menu

Thin crust with no cheese.

9. Pizza Luce Vegan Menu

Get a pizza with vegan cheese.

10. Red Brick Pizza Vegan Menu

Salads and pizzas with red sauce and no cheese.

11. Toppers Vegan Menu

Pizzas without cheese.

12. Vocelli Pizza Vegan Menu

Neapolitan pizza without cheese.

13. zPizza Vegan Menu

Get the gluten free crust with vegan cheese. Or better, get the vegan pizza!

Sweets and Drinks Vegan Restaurant Options

Here are all the coffee and ice cream shops that offer vegan options:

1. Auntie Anne’s Pretzels Vegan Menu

Original pretzels without butter long with some great flavored ones like cinnamon and garlic.

2. Baskin Robbins Vegan Menu

Sorbet, blast pars, and fruit blast drinks.

3. Caribou Coffee Vegan Menu

Enjoy black coffee, espresso and other cold or hot beverages with soy milk.

4. Carvel Vegan Menu

Italian ice without the swirl.

5. Cold Stone Creamery Vegan Menu

Fruit sorbets and some delicious mix-ins.

6. Dunn Bros Coffee Vegan Menu

Hot and iced coffee/espresso beverages with soy milk.

7. Haagen-Dazs Vegan Menu

Sorbets will be your best friend.

8. Jamba Juice Vegan Menu

So many smoothies and drinks.

9. Orange Julius Vegan Menu

A few vegan smoothie and juice options.

10. Starbucks Vegan Menu

Bagels and coffee with coconut or soy milk.

11. TCBY Vegan Menu

Soft serve fruit sorbet.

12. Tim Horton’s Vegan Menu

Rolls, bagels, and more rolls.

I really do hope that you enjoyed this awesome listing of vegan restaurant chains and menu options!

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