13 Yummy & Easy Vegan Recipes For $2 In Less Than 15 Mins Each!

When you first go vegan things can get a bit overwhelming and expensive.

If you are not sure what to eat, where to buy it from, and have to get used to a whole different meal planning and prepping routine – going vegan might seem hard.

This is where the beauty of the internet and social media come in! There is so much helpful information, and encouraging people wishing to help you out on this journey, teaching you a better, easier way of doing things!

I am a firm believer that it all comes to our mindset.

If we see something as difficult, it becomes difficult, if we believe it’s not that complicated at all – it becomes a breeze!

This is why I absolutely LOVE the following video, which provides some amazing vegan ideas that are yummy, yet easy to put together, and on top of all – pretty cheap!

I absolutely love the energy of this video, it does show you how fun, easy, and simply perfect cruelty-free eating can be.

From rich creamy oatmeal, to sweet delicious fruit smoothies. “Cheesy” Quesadillas to Chickpea “Tuna” salad sandwiches. Rich flavorful Pastas and frozen desserts too!

The best part is that they are all made with ingredients that can be found anywhere in the world!

You can combine the following meals and have full days worth of food by spending under an hour in the kitchen and under $10!

Enjoy and share with a friend in need!

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