10 Alarming Signs Of Toxic Overload And How To Properly Detox Before Getting Sick

Toxins are present everywhere around us, be it in the air we breathe, the water we drink, or the food we eat. Even your favorite smartphone is a filth farm, teeming with enough bacteria to make you seriously ill. Everyday toxins are getting accumulated in our body, and if it reaches a tipping point you might get severely sick.

To help you realize that it might be time to detox, we  compiled a list of symptoms that indicate a toxin overload in your body. To learn how to detox, read the bonus section at the end.

You suffer from constipation


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When we eat food, we are also inadvertently consuming a lot of chemicals that come with it, such as preservatives, colorants, and artificial flavoring. The intestines that are tasked with digestion also have to face the flak of these toxins. This toxin buildup can lead to an upset stomach and constipation.

Eating organic food, limiting alcohol intake, and drinking plenty of water should help resolve the problem.

You have brain fog

brain fog

If you feel dizzy, confused, and are unable to concentrate even in the morning after a good night’s sleep, harmful toxins could be messing with you. These toxins cause a series of reactions that dry up the essential vitamins and minerals the body needs to function. It’s something similar to what happens when you put bad oil in your car.

Deodorants don’t help and you still feel stinky

bad smell

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You took your morning shower, applied deodorant, and yet in the subway people twitch their nose when you come close to them. You guessed it: toxins might be making you stinky! These toxins, when digested, produce gases and odors which while escaping through your bodily pores can give you an odor that might rival the most fetid fart you’ve ever experienced.

Aching joints and muscles are running you down

joint pain

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If you haven’t pushed yourself at the gym or done some physically tiring work, but you still have muscle and joint pain, toxin buildup might be the reason. Body aches and pains are indicators that you could have unchecked inflammation in your body, so if you have no other reason for the inflammation, try detoxing.

New blemishes appear on your skin

skin blemishes

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Falling asleep is getting harder


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On one hand, toxin buildup makes you feel exhausted and on the other, making matters worse, can spoil your sleep. High amounts of toxins in the body can cause the level of the sleep-controlling hormone Cortisol to go awry, thereby negatively impacting your sleep. Insomnia can lead to severe health issues, so if you think that falling asleep is getting harder, consider doing a detox.

You’re packing on the pounds

weight gain
Despite all the great workouts you’re doing at the gym, if you still keep putting on pounds, maybe there is something wrong with your hormones. Toxins can adversely impact the level of certain hormones in the body, including those that are responsible for maintaining weight. Switching to a healthy organic diet and getting a thorough detox should help.

Your breath smells bad even to you

bad breath

Bad breath is usually a symptom of digestive problems. It occurs when your digestive system has to struggle in order to digest all that you eat. But digestive problems can also occur when your liver fights to cleanse all the accumulated toxins. Getting rid of the toxins is the only way for you to tackle this problem.

Your toenails are brittle and look ugly.

brittle toenails

You are losing your hair faster

hair loss

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Hair loss is not a symptom of toxic overload caused by everyday toxins. It can be the handiwork of more sinister toxins like arsenic, lead, and thallium (found in cigarette smoke) among others, which can even be lethal. So do not take hair loss lightly and rush to your doctor.

Bonus: How to detox

Healthiest Vegan Recipes

The good news about toxic overload is that your body is great at cleansing itself, once you stop taking new toxins in. In most cases, you can avoid invasive procedures by simply providing support through diet and lifestyle changes.

First start with doing less harm by restricting your intake of dairy products, eggs, fish, red meat, poultry, processed food, alcohol, caffeine, nicotine, inorganic produce and crops (i.e., wheat, corn, soy).  At the same time add lots of organic green vegetables, fresh herbs, ancient whole grains like quinoa, oats, & amaranth; and small beans like mung beans and red lentils into your diet. Make sure to soak the grains and beans overnight before cooking so they are easily digested.  

Many of these organic plant-based foods support the liver, kidneys, and digestive tract so that can detoxify the body. Foods like dandelion, parsley, cilantro, turmeric, wheatgrass, and milk thistle all help to support liver: the key organ for detoxification. Here is everything you should know about liver detoxification. You’ll also want to drink lots of warm water throughout the day, since water is critical for flushing out your organs.

Make sure to give your time off of electronics for the first hour after awakening and the last two hours before going to bed.  The lights emitted from electronics prevent the production of the critical hormone Melatonin. Melatonin deficiency (come after age 45 or even earlier) leads to difficulty with detoxification, and a compromised immune system.

Avoid repeat exposure to toxins, by restricting your intake of all processed foods, alcohol, caffeine, foods especially high in saturated and trans fats (i.e., animal protein, too many nuts) and nicotine. When it comes to skincare and hygiene, use only natural, fragrance-free care products which are free of parabens, phthalates, sulfates, lead, and other potentially toxic compounds.

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