Watch This Couple Refusing to Leave Their Dogs Behind When Being Rescued From Flash Flooding!

When natural disasters strike whether it be earthquake, fire, or hurricane, it is a true test of the commitment we have made to our furry loved ones.

This dramatic footage from the flooding that took place in eastern Japan a few years ago serves as a reminder that pets are family and should be treated as such. The elderly couple in the video was stranded on their rooftop as the waters below submerged their entire city of Joso. When rescue came, however, they made sure that their pets were not left behind. The inspiring couple and their pets were successfully airlifted from the dangerous situation taking place below them.

When news of a potential natural disaster is reported, it is of the utmost importance to prepare not just human family members

but the furry, scaly, or feathered ones also. For every 1,000 people affected by a disaster, 1,500 pets will also be affected. By planning ahead you can avoid the heartbreaking situation many families experience of having to leave pets behind. Remember, your pets are unable to call for help- they depend on you to protect them when times get rough.

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