Vegans Beware! Too Much Arsenic in Rice Milk & What Is The Best Milk Alternative According To Research

For us vegans, using cow’s milk is a definite ‘no-no’, but with so many alternatives, and companies trying to please consumer tastes, one can easily get confused. It seems like everyone is trying to help us out, but where is the thin line between this, and offering something that simply tastes good, without providing any nutritional value or benefiting our health?

Here is what research by has to say about rice milk:

For kids and teens, the amount of arsenic flowing through their bodies was found to be about 15% higher for each quarter-cup of daily rice consumption. A similar link was found in adults. A study of pregnant women found that about a half a cup a day of cooked rice could raise urine arsenic levels as much as drinking a liter of arsenic-contaminated water at the current upper federal safety limit. So, that suggests that many Americans “may be exposed to potentially harmful levels of arsenic through rice consumption.”

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Hear out the full story in the detailed video below:

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