16 Incredible Vegan Cooking Hacks Any Vegan Should Master

Whether you’re vegan or not, cooking could be an intimidating experience!

I know this because just recently, I went out with a new friend of mine and her whole hand was bandaged. Of course my reaction was to ask what had happened! Her answer was that she burned herself severely, while trying to fry some potatoes, and this is what often happens whenever she tries to cook.

Now this is quite funny on the one hand, on the other – some people do struggle with even the simplest tasks when it comes to food preparation. Would you believe me, though, that no matter how much of a ‘bad’ cook you think you are,

There are ways to trick yourself into actually loving it!

The more you learn of a thing, the more you become better at it, and this makes you want more of it! In the end you start enjoying the process so much that you stop thinking about yourself as a ‘bad’ cook!

This is why, to everyone who loves cooking, and to those who don’t believe they can start enjoying this process of food preparation, here are

Incredible Vegan Cooking Hacks Any Vegan Should Master

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1. Vegan Buttermilk

16 Incredible Vegan Cooking Hacks Any Vegan Should Master

Add one tablespoon of vinegar or lemon juice to one cup of any non-dairy milk. Stir and let sit until it curdles. Ta Da! You have buttermilk. Now you can make Vegan ‘Buttermilk’ Biscuits. Yum!

Extra tip: reduce lemon waste by using this extra comfy lemon peeler.

2. Substituting dairy milk in recipes is easy —

16 Incredible Vegan Cooking Hacks Any Vegan Should Master

just keep proportions the same, and make sure to use the right kind of non-dairy alternative.

3. It’s Easy to Replace Eggs

Plant-Based Eggs Are Now Introduced To The World By Clara Foods

There are so many ways to replace eggs in recipes, it’s a wonder anyone cooks with them anymore. To replace one egg, mix 1 tablespoon of ground flax seeds or chia seeds with 3 tablespoons of warm water. Let it sit for 5-10 minutes until it becomes a gel. Then add it to your recipe as you would the egg.

Find other ways to replace eggs here.

4. Craving whipped cream? Refrigerate coconut milk overnight and whip!

16 Incredible Vegan Cooking Hacks Any Vegan Should Master

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