All Vegan Cheese Now Called Gary!

Vegans of the internet have responded to a troll in the most perfect way.

Metro reports that following the release of Sainsbury’s vegan cheese in the UK, one woman felt the need to decry her incredible disgust for the vegan hijacking of the word “cheese.’ The Facebook post started with an incredible number of cheese wedge emojis, before launching in to a full dairy-fuelled offensive.

‘If you’re going to be a vegan don’t call your vegan cheese BECAUSE IT’S NOT CHEESE!!!!!’ it said.

The hater then launched into a rant that called cheese nutritious, 4000 years old, and the darling of their wine & cheese parties that vegans are no longer invited to. They propose that these cheese substitutes aren’t cheese at all, and would be better labeled “Gary or something.”

Vegans, although upset that they were no longer welcome at this woman’s world famous cheese and wine parties, appreciated the suggestion that they call their dairy-free snacks ‘Gary or something’.

And with that, the vegans took to photoshop to show this hater that vegans everywhere have agreed to her terms. Packages of Daiya cheese were relabelled, memes were created, and even Professor Gary Francione had a chance to be a mascot. Seriously, do yourself a favour and enjoy their Facebook page for more pics, and a satirical petition. Over 4,400 vegan cheese lovers are over there laughing along.

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