Unusually Mouthwatering Vegan Shepherd’s Pie (Chilean Version)

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I have a rule with recipes – I look at the image, and if it makes me salivate and crave to have a bite of what’s pictured, even on a full stomach – then I know it will be a hit! This is exactly the type of recipe that not only gives me wild fantasies of how delicious it is – but makes me eager to try asap!

Simply put, this is a Chilean dish very similar to shepherd’s pie. Typically, this dish has big juicy chunks of beef, but we find eggplant is the best substitute as it doesn’t have much flavor of its own and carries all the flavors of the dish while still retaining its shape. This is fantastic served with a green salad dressed with our lemon and cumin vinaigrette.

So, to make the recipe you’ll need:



For the full preparation instructions, click here.

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