This Vegan Toddler Hasn’t Been Sick! And This Is What His Mum Has To Tell You!

Steffi Rox, 33 has been vegetarian since the age of six, and three years ago she decided to exclude all animal products from her diet.

Now she is bringing up two of her children with the same ethos – despite their dad and older brother being meat eaters – and claims her four-year-old, Brody Ace, is “proud to be vegan”.

She explained: “He likes the fact that he’s vegan, he’s very proud of it, and loves food because of that.


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“My little boy finds it disgusting that his friends eat ham at school, he can’t believe that they’re eating pigs, he doesn’t know what’s wrong with them. He connects what the food is to the animal.”

Steffi, who is currently on maternity leave from her job as an estate agent, said she isn’t “forcing” her son to be vegan, she’s simply making a decision as his mum about what he eats.

She added that parents who force their children to eat meat without making it clear where it comes from are “not being honest with them”.

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She reasoned: “People will say, ‘What are you doing forcing veganism on a child, and forcing them not to eat meat?’ But actually, you’re not forcing them, you’re cooking for them.

“Every parent forces food on their child because that’s what you cook them.

“But I think, to give an animal to a child, if they actually knew what they were eating, which most young kids don’t – they haven’t clicked on that they’re eating a chicken or a cow, animals that they’ve just read a book about – then they wouldn’t like it.

“They’d find it gross, they’d find it horrible.”

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“Forcing a child to inflict death on an animal by feeding them meat – it sounds very dramatic, but that’s actually what it is.

“Whereas with my little boy, he always knows what he’s eating. He’s never been forced to be vegan, I’ve always been very open with him about it, and he chooses not to eat it.”

Steffi told how when Brody Ace first started school, she and partner Simon, who has a child from a previous relationship, asked him if he was happy to have a vegan diet.

She recalled:

“He definitely wanted it. It’s always been an option, because I think that way he’s more likely to stick with it.”


Steffi believes Brody Ace is healthier than the kids at his school who are meat eaters.

She explained: “He’s a very slim child, partly down to genetics, but he’s very healthy. He hasn’t had a cold in the last year, he’s not been to a doctor in the last two years.

“Before he was at nursery and now he’s started at school where he’s mixing with the other kids all the time, but he’s not picking up all the bugs other people’s children seem to.

“I haven’t had a cold in three years since I went vegan either so it’s really good.


“It’s so helpful not having him off school! He’s got 100 per cent attendance and he’s so proud of that. He’s not struggling, he’s doing perfectly well, he’s very strong, happy and healthy.”

When it comes to making sure he gets all the nutrition he needs, Steffi did a great deal of research online before changing Brody Ace’s diet.

“It’s really easy to make sure he gets everything he needs. The big thing that people always ask about is protein, but actually in a lot of vegetables there’s more protein than you get in pieces of meat or animal products.

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