Rescued Turkey Loves To Cuddle And Get Massages!

Something to be truly grateful for is the fact that more people are awakening to the reality of where the food on their table comes from, and hopefully more and more families will choose to have a turkey-free Thanksgiving year by year.

In the weeks before Thanksgiving, I have decided to post something turkey-related, and rather than showing the miserable life a turkey would have only to become someone else’s food, highlight how loving and gentle these creatures are, and hopefully

Encourage someone to re-think their Thanksgiving dinner…

Rescued Turkey Loves To Cuddle And Get Massages!

Meet Nalla

She used to live in a factory farm, where she was raised for her meat. She was also de-beaked, which involved getting part of her beak with a hot blade without anesthetic — a practice that’s commonly done to factory-farmed birds so they don’t hurt each other in their overcrowded cages or, if they’re stressed, themselves.

One could imagine that Nalla was traumatized when she was rescued in 2014,

and it took a lot of effort from her saviors to get her to trust humans again.

Rescued Turkey Loves To Cuddle And Get Massages!

“It took several months of us spending time with them, reading to them, singing to them, and being a positive presence until they knew they were safe.”

‘Them’ being Nalla and her sister.

Two years later, Nalla and her sister are thriving at the sanctuary.

All This Rescued Turkey Wants To Do Is CuddleThis rescued turkey just wants to be cuddled ♥

Posted by Dodo Impact on Tuesday, November 8, 2016

“Nalla loves to cuddle with us, and she welcomes visitors by sitting in their laps and falling asleep,”

Rescued Turkey Loves To Cuddle And Get Massages!

“Nalla recently adopted a young chicken

who was rejected by her mom because of her deformed leg. Nalla loves Peggy Sue and is always with her — she even naps with Peggy Sue tucked under her wing like all mommy birds do. It’s so beautiful to watch Nalla heal her heart and let go of her past, she is now an incredible ambassador for all turkeys — teaching humans how friendly and sweet they are!”

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