Rescue Chicken Is A Fighter Who Will Surprise You With Her Cute Personality!

To the majority of people, it WOULD sound pretty strange, hearing from someone…

“We rescued a chicken!”

If they hear, “We rescued a dog”, or “We rescued a kitten.” They are all about:

“OMG how great!”

But a chicken, many would ask “From WHAT???”

A compassionate vegan heart knows sees the world differently though…

And this beautiful story about Penelope, the rescue chicken might give anyone who watches it a different perspective onto these underrated animals!


Her mum is not much concerned about the fact she might be called a crazy chicken lady…

She’s rather happy she has now had the opportunity to connect with a chicken…


“She does treat us like family’ her dad confirms.

Super curious very interested in technology 😉

“We are convinced sometimes she gives us vengeance poops”,

Her daddy continues

“She loves chin rubs.”

And has so much personality


Her mummy confirms.

Watch more on the love this family shares with Penelope, and how they rescued her:

This might be the story that gets someone to convert! Make sure you share it with your family and friends!