Is Oral Sex With A Meat Eater Vegan?

Now here is an uncomfortable question answered for you.

Being vegan means one continually becomes more and more aware of each of their actions and choices. Very soon this overspills from our diets and eating habits to any type of products we use, activities we get involved in and people we enter into relationships with.

Surely every vegan’s dream is to share their bed with an entirely vegan partner, but this is not always possible.

Ruling people out of your life just because currently they do not support all of your principles, morals, and beliefs is actually not ‘vegan’ itself. Besides, who would want to ruin a wonderful marriage or relationship because one of the partners went vegan and the other didn’t follow suit?

Before going radical it is a good idea to ask these uncomfortable questions and find answers to them!

I bet many of us have had thoughts like ‘Is his sperm vegan?’ , is it ‘vegan’ to have oral sex with a meat eater, and whether our vegan principles are in any way compromised by getting involved sexually with someone who consumes animal products. I also understand many of us have chosen not to think about the answers to these, because they might not like them. Well, take a deep breath and read on.

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Before we move on to talk about oral sex, let’s answer the following:

Is sex vegan?

Is oral sex with a meat eater vegan?

The goal of each and every vegan is to do as little harm as possible to all living beings, including humans.

So, some (mainly meat eaters who just want to discredit veganism) would argue that things like sex and breastfeeding are not vegan. Well, actually this doesn’t even come close to the truth.

The main argument against sex being non-vegan is that through the male ejaculation millions of sperm get killed (sperm contains actual living organisms – about 280 million of them to be more precise). On the other hand, sperm is an ‘animal’ product. Yet, arguments like these are laughable.

First of all, unless one of the partners is being raped, sex is an act in which a person gets involved willingly,

as Anne Dinshah, vice president of the American Vegan Society and author of Dating Vegans: Recipes for Relationships points out “sperm is given willingly and lovingly in a relationship between consenting participants, whereas eggs and milk are products of animal exploitation that involve suffering and misery. And if you’re going to call yourself a vegan, then compassion and a desire to improve the world should be your guiding principles.”

As it comes to the sperm being killed – we don’t even need to enter into this argument. Even when a baby is conceived and a new life created, most of the sperm gets killed on the way to the female egg – ‘killing sperm’ cannot actually count as causing harm or creating suffering.

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Now that we have got this out of this way, let’s answer the main question this article was created for:

How ‘vegan’ is the sperm of a meat eater?

Is oral sex with a meat eater vegan?

Dr. Darius Paduch, Ph.D., a urologist at Weill Cornell Medical College in New York City has the science-backed answer to this question:

The sperm of a meat-eater is as ‘vegan’ as the sperm of a vegan, because

“It’s made de novo, meaning built from scratch, from purines and pyrimidens in testis… For that to happen, you need to break down what you ingest.”

If this weren’t the case, Paduch explains, anaphylactic shock would regularly result from people with peanut allergies performing oral sex on people who have eaten peanuts.”

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