This Creamy Vegan Drinkable Yogurt Will Be Flooding Supermarkets SOON!

Luckily, there has been an incredible influx of innovative plant-based and dairy-free products that have come onto the market recently. Kite Hill, the maker of almond-based dairy alternatives, has made a name for itself by creating delicious nut-based cheeses as well as yogurts.

Now, the company is happy to announce that their new line of drinkable yogurts!

The new drink comes in four flavors – unsweetened original, vanilla, mango, and berry.

Each drink is filled with one billion live probiotics and is loaded with plant-based nutritious goodness. 

Just last year, Kite Hill received a $18 million investment led by General Mills to help expand their plant-based products, such as cheeses, and yogurt nationwide. General Mills’ move to invest in one of the hottest new vegan companies is smart considering that with the rapidly rising numbers in the dairy-free markets as a whole, consumers are actively looking for healthier alternatives to dairy proteins.

Considering the popularity of products that contain probiotics, this on-the-go option is poised for success among people who are looking for dairy-free options.

These drinkable yogurts are currently rolling out in Whole Foods across the U.S., so keep your eyes peeled!

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