The Ultimate ‘Go Vegan’ Roadmap For Cheese Addicts

One of the hardest things for vegetarians thinking about going vegan is cheese. I know, because I was in this boat not that long ago — cheese seemed like a hard thing to go without.

But here’s the thing: from someone, who craved cheese like crazy I became someone, who doesn’t even need its vegan substitutes.

That’s right! How did it happen?

For years, I wouldn’t quit cheese because I loved pizza, and cheese on my veggie burger, and nachos, and tacos with cheese on top, and pasta with cheese, and feta on my salads, among other things. However, the secret to veganism is not to focus on what you’re “giving up”, but on the delicious food you’re eating instead.

So for me, I just found delicious vegan food that made me not miss cheese.

Here is a roadmap of success for you to try:

Try a bunch of new stuff.

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There are vegan versions of all your favorite foods, including cheese. With so many varieties, you should really try a bunch to find your favorites. If you find one you don’t like, don’t let that stop you from finding ones you do!

Make things creamy!


Cashew cream, vegan mayo, avocado, and tahini are all great for making things creamier (and a little fattier) and creating a more satisfying dish.

Find vegan pizza near you.

9 Vegan Ways To Creatively Fix A Cheese Craving Too Strong To Resist

For me, part of the struggle was thinking I could no longer enjoy pizza. Luckily, that was far from the truth. More and more pizza places are offering vegan cheese.

Make your own.

While making your own vegan cheese can take time and a wide array of skills, there are definitely some simple recipes that anyone can make. Click here for a list of our favorites.

Buy some nutritional yeast.

Awesome Vegan Cooking Hacks Any Vegan Must Master

Yeah, I know it’s an awful name, but this stuff is seriously good. Highly regarded by vegans around the globe, nutritional yeast is a must-have vegan pantry staple. From an amazing Parmesan alternative to a bomb nondairy nacho cheese dip, nutritional yeast (lovingly known as “nooch”) can do it all.

Maintain perspective.

Dairy Farmers Panicking As Sales Plummet! More Youngsters Are Shunning Milk For Good!

Remember why you decided to ditch dairy in the first place: animal cruelty. Cows at dairy farms are subjected to extreme confinement, mutilations without painkillers—and inevitably, a ruthless slaughter. Even worse, they are denied nearly everything that comes naturally to them, including caring for their young.

You’re making a big difference for animals, the environment, and your health when you leave cheese off your plate.

Please consider helping us to start saving 1-3 Million ritually slaughtered animals per year! To learn more, please click here.