Delectable Vegan Dinners That Are Fun And Easy To Put Together

These delicious vegan dinners will get you excited about vegan cooking all over again!

Unless you are a professional cook madly in love with their job or a vegan cooking wizzard who obsesses about discovering and inventing new recipes all the time, it’s only human to sometimes get into a rut. You are not just out of ideas, but you can’t really dig the will and enthusiasm to cook something up. Reading and following recipes becomes a burden, so you just stick to a few familiar meals that don’t require too much time and effort on your side.

We’ve all been there! Including me, over the past two weeks or so.

Until I watched a video that totally got me back on track with the vegan food excitement!

Usually, I don’t like following videos when it comes to recipes, as they take too much time to watch, but this one captured my attention. It was a vegan couple prepping these super easy vegan pancakes. It was plain, simple, cheap vegan food that’s actually delicious too! The video was not only a great mood fixer, but also a reminder I needed to change things up, and remind myself easy simple things can be very delicious and exciting too!

I would share that video with you guys, but it is not in English, and just a few days later I came across another one that produced the same effect on me.

The following two vegan dinners presented in a fun, easy-to-follow way will absolutely fill you with thrill and anticipation for your next dinner cook-up session!

The video is short, fun to watch, and you will learn the recipes by heart before you know it!