Cooked Right, This Delicious Veggie Is Leaving Meat And Seafood In the Dust!

It’s not jackfruit!

It feels like jackfruit has been the talk of the plant-based food world recently — which we totally understand. When cooked, this giant, spiny tropical fruit mimics the texture of pulled pork. Throw some barbecue sauce on top and you’ve got a sandwich that will have even the most dedicated of meat eaters singing its praises. Although we’re not denying jackfruit tastes amazing, we can’t help but feel like another plant-based substitute for meat is being neglected while jackfruit is soaking up the spotlight — and you don’t need to take a trip to the closest Indian or Asian supermarket to find it.

What are we talking about? Mushrooms.

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When it comes to making mushrooms taste delicious, it’s all about preparing them the right way. While there’s nothing wrong with adding a few raw mushrooms to your salad, cooking them takes them to a whole new level.

But, whether you’re a longtime mushroom lover, mushroom-averse, or just mushroom-curious, one pair of bloggers has been cooking up mushroom recipes that you never thought possible.

Brothers Derek and Chad Sarno, the founders of the food blog Wicked Healthy, are completely transforming the way we look at mushrooms.

We’re drooling over this pulled King Oyster mushroom carnitas sandwich.

Cooked Right, This Delicious Veggie Is Leaving Meat And Seafood In the Dust!

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And these beer-Sriracha barbecued Maitake ribs introduce a whole new world of mushroom-cooking possibilities.

Cooked Right, This Delicious Veggie Is Leaving Meat And Seafood In the Dust!

Not only can mushrooms stand in for meat, they can also satisfy your seafood cravings.

Cooked Right, This Delicious Veggie Is Leaving Meat And Seafood In the Dust!

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Case in point: New England fried “clams” made from Maitake mushrooms.

Pressed and seared Maitake and Oyster mushroom steaks will make anyone a believer in the deliciousness of mushrooms.

Cooked Right, This Delicious Veggie Is Leaving Meat And Seafood In the Dust!

While we already knew that mushrooms are a delicious addition to curries, sandwiches, burgers, and more, Derek and Chad Sarno have introduced us to a whole new world of cooking these weird, edible fungi. To see recipes by Derek and Chad, check out their page on One Green Planet or stop on by their blog, Wicked Healthy for even more plant-based sorcery.

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