Charlie Sheen Has Gone Vegan?

I’ve always believed that people make some of the greatest life transformations only once they hit rock bottom.

Has this been the case for Charlie Sheen?

Sources close to the actor tell TMZ Charlie’s about 2 weeks into his new vegan diet, which is just the latest installment of what he says is a holistic lifestyle he’s embraced with gf Julia Stambler.

Sheen, who announced his HIV diagnosis in 2015, recently started cutting meat, dairy and booze from his diet, and has been practicing yoga and swimming every day, the celebrity website reports.

The former “Two and a Half Men” star is also reportedly taking vitamin drips — which shoots vitamin supplements straight to your blood — to really kickstart his new lifestyle.

Sheen’s girlfriend, Julia Stambler, 26, is being credited for the actor’s new “holistic” lifestyle. She also said she’s not worried about Sheen’s HIV diagnosis, thanks to his anti-viral medication and their safe sex practices.