Family Out Skiing Sees Tiny Pink Thing Moving In The Snow (Best Piggy Rescue Ever)

He wouldn’t have survived if they hadn’t come along.

OK, major breakthrough for Wee Wee our snowbound piglet.

I just had a great conversation with Terry Cummings, Director…

Posted by Perry Smith on Saturday, January 23, 2016

What this family did shows compassion and empathy for life. This is what children must be taught!

“An unbelievable Snowmaggedon story,” Sarah Pekkanan wrote on Facebook on Saturday. “My friends Perry and Liz decided to spend the storm at a nearby ski resort.”

“While out with their kids last night, they discovered a baby pig, half-frozen and stuck in the snow and ice, by the side of the highway.”

Right behind them was a huge snowplow that would have buried the pig if the family hadn’t spotted him in time, according to Pekkanan.

It’s thought the pig must have leapt from a transport truck.

The family dug the piglet out, wrapped him in a sweatshirt and, after smuggling the bundle up a back stairwell of the ski resort, got to work warming him up.

The piglet, who they named Wee Wee, dined on smashed bananas. Soon, he started to perk up.

When he started happily bouncing around the hotel room, it became clear he was out of danger.

“Wee Wee is thriving, he’s having a dinner of bananas,” Elisabeth Smith wrote on Facebook. “We are introducing apples, corn and green beans with no success.”

“He would have died,” Smith told the Washington Post. “He would have lasted maybe another 30 minutes to an hour.”

As much as they were falling in love with the little guy, they knew they wouldn’t be able to keep him. So the Smiths contacted Poplar Spring Animal Sanctuary, a rescue organization in Maryland, that was delighted to hear about the family who took the half-frozen pig into their arms during their ski trip.

Posted by Sarah Pekkanen on Saturday, January 23, 2016


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