Advertise with I Nourish Gently - the fastest growing vegan, vegetarian, and animal rights online hubI Nourish Gently has established itself as a quickly growing hub for passionate vegans, vegetarians, animal rights activists, green, eco-friendly, and health seekers. With a US-based audience of over 119,000 monthly visitors (and growing), and a strong Social Media presence, this makes it the ideal partner for promoting your brand, product, or web site to a large number of highly targeted, engaged potential buyers.

This being said, I would only embrace products and brands that reflect the ethical values of I Nourish Gently. Partners, who are truly passionate about making the world a better place are more than welcome to contact me – besides vegan, cruelty-free, and animal-free products and brands, I am happy to embrace green and eco initiatives and web sites.

If you believe your brand, product, or web site meets these criteria, I would be glad to discuss the advertising and partnering options with you! Please send me an email at dea [at] inourishgently [dot] com.

Web stats at a glance:

  • Monthly unique visitors: +100K (active and engaged)
  • Mainly US-based, with the smaller international segment coming from the UK, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, and about 2% from Germany
  • Facebook Fans: + 75K (and growing)
  • Email subscribers: 3000 + 1500 FB subscribers

Advertising Options

Sponsored Posts

I am happy to create a highly engaging sponsored post for your brand or product. I won’t spare creativity and resources to make this a highly convertible piece of writing. I charge

$250 to $350 for a 300 to 500 word sponsored post

$500 for creating a custom recipe and finding/creating suitable photographs

All posts will be heavily promoted on all Social Media channels. (Please contact me for further social media promotion options)

Banner advertising

I am currently able to offer various ad sizes to go on the sitewide side-bar, as well as a ‘sticky’ option – a banner that visitors see at all times. This is a highly desirable position since it fights ad blindness, and does not compete with other advertisers.

$50/month for a square banner on the right side-bar

$80/month for a large right-side sticky skyscraper

$300/month for a left-side sticky banner

In-text advertising

You can also opt for highly convertible in-text advertising. This includes short text and/or image that goes within the content of all articles and is highly visible by both mobile and desktop readers.

$100/month for a site-wide in-text ad.

Email blasts

If you have a truly awesome product, I am also happy to send out a dedicated email blast to my 3000 subscribers. Open rates go up to 33%. Please, contact me to discuss rates and type of promotion.

To discuss these as well as further opportunities, including Social Media Promotion, please contact me at dea [at] inourishgently [dot] com.