8 Things You Can Do Right Now To Help Animals On Factory Farms

It is one thing to say you are against animal cruelty, but a completely different one to actually act upon your beliefs!

If you have clicked through this link, it is most likely that you are a vegan or someone transitioning into this lifestyle, who has already taken a stance against using animals for food. Yet, our sphere of influence can spread every day as we expand our efforts with each step we take!

Here are 10 more things you can do for animals if you truly care about them:

1. Don’t buy from companies that don’t care about animal rights.

8 Things You Can Do Right Now To Help Animals On Factory Farms

In general: you can use your economic power and show companies that for this reason you do not wish to make use of their products and services.

Don’t open accounts with banks that give out loans to companies in factory farming.  Don’t buy from supermarkets that don’t offer animal-free products. If you want to invest or save money, consider green investments.

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2. Protest against permits for factory farms

If factory farms want to settle near you or want to extend their stables, there are possibilities to stop them from getting permits. Local departments of environmental organizations can help you (often free of charge), for instance by giving legal advice. For names and addresses, look on the page with national and local action groups. It is often possible to do something against companies that already have permits, if you can prove that you are really troubled or bothered by them.

3. Volunteer your time and energy. 

Research whether there are any organizations in your area that focus on animal rights and animal welfare. Determine which issues you are most interested in, and become an advocate. It doesn’t take much time to hand out flyers, create and share a petition, or participate in a walk for farmed animals. Consider hosting a bake sale to benefit an organization that does work that matters to you. Perhaps your region is home to a sanctuary for farmed animals. If so, visit the sanctuary. Learn the animals’ stories. Whatever type of volunteering you choose to do, the rewards you reap will far exceed your time commitment.


4. Share your knowledge. 

8 Things You Can Do Right Now To Help Animals On Factory Farms

This is the age of social media. A simple Facebook or Twitter post can educate hundreds in mere seconds. Most of us don’t magically know all of the issues surrounding factory farming – it is a process, one that began for many of us not that long ago. There is always more learning to do, as the issues evolve. Planting a few seeds in the minds of friends, family, and business colleagues about the importance of knowing where our food comes from can lay the groundwork! “Like” groups on Facebook that work in the areas that interest you. Share their posts. Share the mainstream news stories regarding factory farming, like the recent stories regarding Mercy for Animals’ undercover investigations. Spread the word!


5. Sign Petitions

Whether it’s demanding more or better vegan options or encouraging a company to move away from the cruelest forms of confinement, petitions can be a simple yet effective way to create change.

6. Write to newspapers and magazines

Submitted letters-sections in newspapers, magazines and club periodicals are often read by many people. Sending a letter in which you state your opinion on factory farming, can make many people think. You have a better chance of getting your letter published if you react to an article you read earlier in that paper or magazine. Also read our writing tips.
Various magazines and national and regional newspapers have a site on the Internet, and often offer the possibility of sending in your letter through e-mail.
Send a protest letter to the Code of Advertising Committee if you see commercials or articles in the media that do not take animals seriously or if they are misleading.

7. Make clear how you feel about animal rights

8 Things You Can Do Right Now To Help Animals On Factory Farms


It can be tricky to determine how far you can go. If you exaggerate, it may turn out wrong. If you say nothing, nobody will know how you feel. When you have dinner with other people, you can always tell them up front why you won’t consume animal products. If you want to convince others of your viewpoints, it is best to target people whose ideas are close to your own. It takes a lot of time and energy to convert patent opposers. Don’t strain yourself. Be brief and don’t attack others when you tell them how you feel.

8. Ask your legislators to support protections for farmed animals. 

Farmed animals are subjected to torturous processes every day – processes that would be considered animal cruelty or animal abuse if a dogs or cats were involved. Unfortunately, there are no federal laws to protect farmed animals, and the state laws that protect animals often exempt common agricultural practices, no matter how cruel they are. Educate your legislators about the sentience of farmed animals and the harms of factory farming, and encourage them to support legislation to protect ALL animals from cruelty and abuse.

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