79 Year Old “Sexiest Vegan Ever” Reveals Her Anti-Aging Natural Beauty Secrets!

Voted America’s “Sexiest Vegetarian over 50” at age 79, (born on  1938) Mimi Kirk opened a lot of eyes to the raw food world. She is an inspiration beyond words. Author of “Live Raw” and soon to be released “Live Raw Around the World,” Mimi is a living example of health and wellness.

Mimi is a wonderful role model to people at any age, as her investment and care in her diet has made it possible not only for her to look and feel her best, but to live life abundantly.

You probably don’t hear people say this often, but here is a woman who actually loves being in her seventies.

79 Year Old “Sexiest Vegan Ever” Reveals Her Anti-Aging Natural Beauty Secrets!

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Mimi has happily told us that she is having such a great time in life and she doesn’t feel much different than when she was much younger. “Honestly I feel ageless. I don’t even think about age. When I awake I just feel healthy and energetic. It’s only when I pass a mirror do I realise I’m older”. Hearing about stories like this not only inspires us but also impacts on our way of thinking.

Mimi’s success reveals to us that it is never too late to invest in ourselves, to start reversing and slow down the aging process.

She celebrated her 77th birthday in September and here is what she shared:

Do you think that you are who you are today because of your genes and your destiny or because you worked hard to make it happen?

Certainly not my genes. My family’s health history is not great. One sister died of heart failure in her fifties. Two sisters died with cancer, only one sister is still living. My brother died at 29 of leukemia, my father had diabetes, Parkinson’s and other ailments and he died in his early sixties. My mother lived to be 95 but had high blood pressure, strokes and heart problems, but lots of medications, whereas I do not take any prescription drugs.

79 Year Old “Sexiest Vegan Ever” Reveals Her Anti-Aging Natural Beauty Secrets!

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What is the secret for why you look so young – how have you delayed the visible signs of age?

I probably have slowed down some cell aging. I do have lines on my face and my body is not like in my early years, but I am not interested in Botox or surgery. I’m interested in health. I always consider my diet as number one. I learned that food was medicine at the age 69. It was at that time I started to reverse and slow down the aging process. I wish I would have realised the importance of exercise earlier, but I always feel it’s never too late.

Can you share some tips with us on how we can live a healthy life?

Give up all the processed foods. Eat a plant based diet. Stop eating animals; they suffer without mercy just for humans to taste food that they will soon forget they even ate. Exercise daily, even a 30-minute walk will help. Stretch your body daily, take deep breathes, go out in nature as much as possible, and drink lots of water. Think good thoughts, forgive everyone, especially yourself. Love yourself exactly the way you are. Find beauty and cleaning products that are not laden with chemicals, don’t overeat. Get eight hours sleep. Give and receive love, be kind to everyone.

79 Year Old “Sexiest Vegan Ever” Reveals Her Anti-Aging Natural Beauty Secrets!

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Do you prefer a raw diet over vegan? If so, what do you notice differently about your body?

MIMI KIRK: “I do prefer a raw, vegan diet – I think because I feel so much better after eating raw foods than cooked foods. I’m happy knowing that eating vegan is compassionate towards animals. My energy level is amazing and I think I look better than I did when I was just a vegan and not eating raw foods. I think one can still eat processed foods as a vegan, but there is not much of a chance when eating raw that you will be consuming processed foods. So I think, personally, it is a healthier choice all around that I have embraced.”

What are five beauty products or skincare tips you can share with us?

MK: “I’m more of an inside girl than an outside one. I believe diet is key for good skin, but I use 100% organic coconut oil on my face and body. I wash with Dr. Woods Almond Shea Liquid Soap and their black soap for my face. I love, love, love my exfoliating gloves and use them every day on my face and body. You can see them on my website YoungOnRawFood.com in the Shop section. I love them so much, I give them out to friends and family all the time. I use toothpaste with Neem – you can also find this on my site. These are the products I honestly use. I get asked often and wanted to share the knowledge with my readers.”

See more of her secrets in the video below: