6 Unexpected Things To Be Thankful For As A Vegan

I wholeheartedly believe that living each day with gratitude is one of the most fundamental prerequisites for leading a happy and fulfilling life.

Over the years, I have started feeling my overall ‘level of gratitude’ grow each day, and life makes sure to give me a slap on the check as soon as I start taking things for granted!

This is why I like to often remind myself all the things I can be grateful for, and since I believe the feeling of gratitude is such a fundamental part of one’s happiness, I would love to share with you

6 Unexpected Things To Be Grateful For As A Vegan

1. You get to lead by example

5 Unexpected Things To Be Thankful For As A Vegan

Nowadays there are so many ‘teachers’ in various aspects of life. Be it spiritual or professional, wherever you look, there are people, who try to ‘teach’ you how to live. Yet, you get to be someone, who has reached a point in their life, where they can actually show people how to live, rather than tell them! By making the choices you make, you are the best example to your kids, your family, and your friends, and this counts more than you realize. Let’s be grateful that a vegan’s life already has a lot more meaning to it than you initially thought!

2. You get to learn amazing life lessons

Being vegan immediately faces you with a variety of challenges you need to overcome, and this puts you in a position of constant inner growth! Be it the challenge of living in an area, where vegan alternatives are hard to access, or a family that is less than understanding – these are obstacles that teach you creativity, patience, and diplomacy – all qualities you need in all areas of life. Let’s say thanks for that!

3. You get to be a hero every day!

The latest statistics from PETA show that over 38,000 animals are slaughtered per minute in the U.S.  With each meal you choose to eat vegan, you are saving more animals from slaughter.  You should totally feel like a hero!

4. You get to nourish your body in the best possible way

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The body is the vehicle of the soul! And what better way to fuel it, but plants! If you think about it, we can and should be grateful from all our heart for the amazing variety and abundance we have on Earth – from the humble potato to the sweet banana and all types of exotic fruits now easily accessible to us – we can enjoy amazingly nutritious fruits and veggies with all our senses and never feel hungry or malnourished. This is the gift of the Earth we need appreciate every day!

5. Your pet

There’s no better way to end a day than walking through the front door and discovering a furry friend waiting to greet you! After rescuing a kitten, it has made my love for other animals grow even more, and this is something to be truly thankful for!

6. You get to leave an amazing footprint behind

5 Unexpected Things To Be Thankful For As A Vegan

By raising your kids vegan, you are leaving behind you a generation that will raise their children on the basis of the very same value system of compassion and awareness. It’s a chain reaction with a huge cumulative effect, and you are being part of it. Something to be truly grateful for!

This last one is something I feel very deeply about.

What about you – what is the one thing you feel deeply grateful for today?