19 Rock Solid Reasons To NOT Go Vegan

I bet everyone is tired of hearing why veganism is such a great lifestyle to follow, how it not only saves animals, but also the planet and human lives. After all, what are these compared to some solid reasons to NOT go vegan!

If you’ve been having second thoughts about staying vegan, then maybe these reasons to NOT go vegan will tip the scales in the right direction for you!

1. A side effect of giving up all this animal fat is weight loss

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(not that you were looking for it at the first place). It really isn’t fun being the only thin person in the midst of an obesity epidemic! Don’t believe this? Take a look at these Life-Changing Vegan Transformations.

2. Your risks of heart disease, diabetes, high blood pressure, and some forms of cancer will be dramatically lowered

– and what will you do with all that extra money that were supposed to go for medical care when you get older? Sounds unbelievable? See here and here.

3. Your relationship with food changes, and who likes to feel good about what and how much they eat?

You basically lose about 30 mins of conversation with your friends about how guilty you feel for eating too much of the wrong foods. What are you supposed to do now – not talk to each other?

4. You raise your chances of going through painful death caused by starvation – because, really there is nothing to eat but salad.

roasted vegetable lasagna5. OK, if this doesn’t happen you’ll be doomed to live in your kitchen,

because there is no such thing as a vegan restaurant. Well, aside from the 6,014+ vegetarian and vegan restaurants in the United States, the top ones of which listed here.

Or this one that got shut down by police for being too popular.

And I mean this vegan bakery just looks repulsive.

6. Pff, and good luck getting enough protein!

It’s not like there’s ever been a successful vegan bodybuilder.

Also these protein rich plant-based foods are so hard to find!

7. The lunch you bring to work becomes the topic of conversation…EVERY DAY!


And who can deal with so much attention?

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8. Plus, people will feel obliged to point out plants have feelings too

– it’s just such a burden to help educate them on the topic.

9. Friends and strangers will feel driven to point it out every time they eat animal products in front of you,

and it’s terrible you’ve actually made other people think. Who wants to ever encourage someone else to get out of the box?

10. Forget about ever eating dessert again.  I bet these 7 One-Minute Vegan Desserts taste terrible

11. You have to restrain yourself every time you hear “I couldn’t do it”



as the closing argument on every discussion of the merits of veganism. And who said learning diplomacy and self-discipline are good things?

12. You will never be able to eat fast food again

It’s not like Chipotle, White Castle, Panera, Subway, and many other popular fast food joints offer vegan options. Plus this vegan crunchburger doesn’t look yummy at all.

13. Grocery shopping will be really hard.

I mean, there is Whole Foods, but it’s not like mainstream stores like Target, WalMart, Safeway, and Costco carry ANY vegan foods!

14. You’ll be lonely, because the vegan movement is not growing fast enough –

just take a look at these statistics!

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15. Your chances of being a pro athlete just went to zero

Green Machines: 12 Superstar Athletes You Never Knew Were Vegan

Just like they did for these 12 superstar athletes. I mean, they do look malnourished 😉

16. Did I mention that you will starve to death?

17. Oh, and you will surely go broke because legumes, beans  and grains cost so much more than meat

Plus these meals for under $5 you can prep in under 30 mins look plain and too much of a hassle.

18. Say goodbye to ice cream!

You will feel so limited choosing between the dozens of flavors of soy, almond, coconut, and rice ice cream desserts. Plus, these 10 ideas don’t even look edible…

19. You will have to wear ugly clothes, shoes and accessories, because no one sells fashionable vegan apparel.  

For example, this innovative leather made from pineapples looks too elegant for any taste.

So, what other “reasons” can you think of for not going vegan?

Article inspired from here and here.