17 Gifts Vegans & Animal Lovers Are Wishing For This Year!

Are you in the holiday mood already? I admit the joy of giving is my best types of joy all year round! I personally LOVE giving gifts to my family and friends with or without an occasion, so when I do, I want it to be something that will touch their hearts.

Here are 17 vegan-friendly gifts you can buy for your animal-loving friends, for yourself, or to your omni relatives, who will appreciate the cuteness and practicality of these!

17 Gifts Vegans & Animal Activists Are Wishing For This Year

1. A sloth daily calendar so every day is the best day of your life.

Anyone who has known me for more than two minutes is aware that I love sloths. You know how most people say “love is not a big enough word” for their soulmates? For me, that’s reserved for my leetle sloths. So you can imagine that I already own quite a few sloth products — my desk looks like a shrine for them. But what could be better than a calendar? Each month I’ll be greeted with a new cherub, and maybe I’ll actually be motivated to organize my life. Like, maybe?? Tbd. Not important. But at the very least I’ll have something beautiful to gaze at every morning. I’m sure my desk mate isn’t becoming increasingly scared.

Get it from Amazon for $11.31.

2. A super-plush faux fur throw blanket for anyone who wishes they had a pelt.

Promising review: “I purchased this as a coverlet for my king-size bed because it is warm, washable, and dog hair won’t show on it. It is unbelievably soft and luxurious. The dog hair doesn’t show, and the blanket doesn’t shed. It’s held up to a few washings just fine. I liked it enough to buy a smaller one as a throw for our sofa. I had to buy a third for our house because my husband stole it for his favorite chair. Then I got my mom a queen-size white one as an early Christmas gift — she is still thanking me for it. Now I’m giving them to my three sisters for Christmas. A+.” —Sara

Get it for $27.79+ (available in five sizes and 13 colors).

3. The perfect (faux) leather jacket in versatile black or brown.

Get the black from Express for $88.80 (available in sizes XXS-XL and in five colors) or the brown from Amazon for $32.95+ (available in sizes XS-XL and in five colors).

4. Glitter boots that are *not* too extra, no matter what anyone says.

These babies are the more wearable, affordable, and vegan versions of the glittery boots Chanel and YSL did this season. I will wear them with dresses, with jeans, with EVERYTHING! They’ll instantly turn an outfit from drab to fab. And, okay, maybe they are extra, but guess what??? I can’t hear your criticism over the sound of those heels clacking on the sidewalk as I strut down the street. —Katy Herman

Get them from Zappos for $139 (available in sizes 6 to 10).

5. A splurge-worthy convection toaster oven that’ll cook food quicker than your regular oven without turning your kitchen into a fiery inferno.

This one is like the Mercedes-Benz of toaster ovens — it has a convection setting that can reduce cooking time by 30% and it gives you precise control over the cooking temperature. I know it’s extra, but I just need it in my life, okay?!

Get it from Amazon for $249 (available in two colors).

6. Stuffed animals any child (or adult) would totally love.

These furry little guys are definitely the stuffed animals you tell your normal stuffed animals not to worry about. They give me Beanie Baby collecting nostalgia. I just want them all! —Adrianna Licitra

Get them both from Nordstrom for $31 (the sloth) and $32.50 (the flamingo).

7. A tote that’s a decent substitute for the doggo of your dreams.

Everything about this bag makes me happy–from the Boston Terrier to the sunny color to the heart-shaped tag to the striped lining. And it’s the perfect size for me, since I basically like to carry my whole life with me at all times. —Katy Herman

Get it from Macy’s for $54.

8. A subscription to SnackSack, which will deliver vegan deliciousness right to their door.

Your friend will thank you every month when they receive a tote full of yummy snacks. Each bag contains 12-15 vegan noms, like black bean chips, popcorn, and snap pea crisps.

Get it from Cratejoy for $24+/month.

9. A coffee table book filled to the brim with stunning photographs of endangered species.

Promising review: “The pictures are so beautiful that I thought about cutting up the book and framing the pages.” — B. Rodgers

Get it from Amazon for $23.79

10. An adorable set of animal-shaped stress balls for when they need to relieve their frustrations at the way non-humans are treated by our society.

Promising review: “These are the best! They’re great to have to give to other people. They are so unique and cute, and just holding one will make anyone happy. The texture is sooo amazing. I love these!” — hillailla &justinebean

Get a set of 11 from Amazon for $7.30.

11. The Vegan Magic gift basket that Harry Potter star and animal advocate Evanna Lynch created for PETA.

The basket includes a t-shirt, a bath bomb, a bunny necklace, hot chocolate mix, and assorted vegan snacks including, yes, dark chocolate frogs. It is also further proof that Evanna Lynch may actually be Luna Lovegood IRL.

Get it from PETA Catalog for $59.99 (t-shirts available in sizes XS-XL).

12. This snuggly gentle giant who’ll make animal lovers of any age smile.

Them: OMG he’s so cute!!!! Thank you!

You: You’re whalecome.

Get it from Amazon

13. A luxe hand cream by LUSH, one of the beauty brands most outspoken about their opposition to animal testing.

This stuff will lend a helping hand to not only animals but also to gross, dry knuckles that are being destroyed by winter.

Get it from Lush for $21.95.

14. A use-forever wallet by chic vegan brand Matt & Nat.

Get it from Amazon (available in three colors)

15. A vegan-friendly lemongrass soy candle so they can let the bees mind their own beeswax.

Plus, the container is made from recycled wine bottles, because if there’s anything better than being eco-friendly, it’s wine.

Get it from Amazon for $14.50, or $69.95 for a set of four. Find other scents here.

16. This tote that is anything but cheesy.

Get it from VeganVeins on Etsy for $20.26.

17. And finally, make a donation in their name to a cause you’ll know they’ll embrace with all their heart – like this one.

Click here to make a $25 or $50 donation for a cause that not only saves animals, but aims to stop the animal cruelty small children are exposed to.