10 Vegan Dogs Whose Long Meaningful Lives Will Inspire You To The Very Depth Of Your Heart

Many vegan owners are posed with the decision how ethical it is to feed a companion pet a vegan diet. Transitioning your pet to a vegan diet may actually be the 2017 resolution many of you have embraced!

But did you know that luckily, dogs (unlike cats) are not obligate carnivores. Dogs can live healthily and happily on a meat-free diet, and studies have shown these dogs to have a far longer lifespan when given the correct nutrients, vitamins, and minerals.

These 10 examples will show you exactly that and inspire you to live even more compassionately!


10 Vegan Dogs Whose Long Meaningful Lives Will Inspire You To The Very Depth Of Your HeartA Welsh Collie; lived to 25 years old and at the time of her death was the world’s oldest dog. The book documents her care regime and vegan diet. Anne Heritage was Bramble’s person and authored the book. “The book shows that animals are as important as humans with an animal rights message” Anne tells me. She reveals that Bramble’s diet was based around fresh organic home-grown vegetables, brown rice, lentils and plant protein; with yeast extract for B12.


10 Vegan Dogs Whose Long Meaningful Lives Will Inspire You To The Very Depth Of Your Heart

“who lived to the age of 20, was a Collie x Spaniel, and she ate the same diet as Bramble; grains, lentils, organic vegetables, plant proteins and B12 source…Floyd was a really clever girl…she understood human language very well and was good at making herself understood also; we had an almost telepathic bond created by both of us being really in tune with each other. Apart from her own humans, she had no time for people at all…just didn’t rate them. She had a very good sense of humour too. She was the first dog I ever took care of and she was a bit of a doggy genius; they’re all clever, but Floyd was exceptionally intelligent. She died years ago, but I still miss her every day” shares Anne Heritage. Floyd, a forerunner of vegan-eating dogs, lived in the late 70’s.


10 Vegan Dogs Whose Long Meaningful Lives Will Inspire You To The Very Depth Of Your HeartWas a member of the Gentle World community. She lived and ate vegan, all but the first year of her life, before she mystically found her way to Gentle World. A woman legally named ‘Miracle’ (no kidding) phoned and asked us if we would take her or she was headed for ‘the pound’. Saffron, who we renamed Beautiful, transformed from a dog that killed a mongoose – to a gentle being who protected our rescued rabbit friends, aided by her new found vegan diet and way of life. She lived to 14-15, which is long for a Golden-Retriever; because of inbreeding. She was healthy until the end of her life. Every day, she went exploring and running free with different people in the community, at different country locations all over Maui. Another beautiful aspect of her, was that she could feel when people needed healing. She singled them out and went to them to offer her love. To know her was to feel gifted for the opportunity of knowing her; she was beautiful inside and out. She ate home-made whole foods; grains, legumes, and vegetables, with supplements and various marketed kibble. She died in her sleep in my arms  She spoke the universal language of LOVE and was a privilege to share life with.


10 Vegan Dogs Whose Long Meaningful Lives Will Inspire You To The Very Depth Of Your Heartis a 9 year old Boxer/Beagle mix. She is a Hurricane Katrina survivor, who has been with Leslie Patterson for 7 years. She is a very energetic 44-pound dog who has been vegan since age 3 and has done well on Evolution, Nature’s Recipe, Natural Life and V-Dog kibble.


10 Vegan Dogs Whose Long Meaningful Lives Will Inspire You To The Very Depth Of Your Heartis lucky enough to have found Jan Allegretti, D.Vet.Hom.; a teacher and consultant in holistic health care for animals. Jan says “I’ve seen numerous cases in which health problems in dogs (and cats—with supplementation, of course) are resolved by switching to a home-prepared vegan diet.

“I met Tila Marie in Denver, Colorado, in August 2007. She had been in foster care with Rocky Mountain Great Dane Rescue for about 3 weeks, and was still about 20 pounds underweight. She had a severe respiratory infection, severe ear infections, and her coat was dull and mottled.

Tila quickly transformed from a skin-and-bones, sick, unhealthy-looking waif to a stunningly gorgeous, glossy, happy, vibrant girl. Her obvious vitality and energy are a testament to the benefits of a home-prepared vegan diet. She’s now nearly eight years old—often considered “advanced age” for a Great Dane—and people still ask if she’s a puppy. Her muscle tone is excellent, her coat is sleek and shiny, her teeth are sparkling white (no, I don’t brush them), and she exudes joy and good health.”


10 Vegan Dogs Whose Long Meaningful Lives Will Inspire You To The Very Depth Of Your Heart“came into our life a little over 4 years ago. She is half Border Collie and half Aussie Shepherd. We got her from the barn that she was born in and took her home. She was almost 8 weeks old” explains James Peden (founder VegeDog). “She is my model for the Vegedog labels. We took the kibble that she was eating, and gradually mixed it with a vegan Vegedog recipe (garbanzo). Soon she was eating just the Vegedog recipes. She always loved her food and had no problem making the transition.

She is very caring and protective. When it’s dinner time she will run and get Ziggy (our 14 year old Yorkie) and bring him downstairs for meal time. Jazz is never far away, usually at my feet. She has a chair in my bedroom that is hers, but in the morning she’ll jump on the bed with me. We look forward to many more happy years together”. James was a forerunner of feeding dogs and cats a plant-based supplemented diet. He is founder of  Harbingers of a New Age


10 Vegan Dogs Whose Long Meaningful Lives Will Inspire You To The Very Depth Of Your Heart“is a two year old rescued Collie mix. She was found discarded in a cardboard box as a puppy and shows obvious signs of being abused but has adjusted well to her new family. She is a sweet and sensitive dog who loves doggy play dates, swimming, hiking, and sailing. Annie thrives on a plant- based diet and has been eating this way for about a year.


10 Vegan Dogs Whose Long Meaningful Lives Will Inspire You To The Very Depth Of Your Heartjust turned 6 and has been on a vegan diet about 2.5 years. Quincy Kirsch continues “Since she switched, her eyes have become much clearer and she used to get terrible hot spots, but they are now history. Her favorite activities are SQUEAKY, ball, fetch, shredding tissues, stealing and hiding (or burying) women’s underwear, high fives, walks and running like a maniac. I adopted her when she was 9 weeks old. She came from a backyard breeder in Georgia (U.S). Her mother died when she was a few days old and then the breeder took the puppies to a high kill shelter. She was raised by humans so she is a little screwy. She is very emotional and will throw a welcome party for someone she hasn’t seen in a week, a month, a year or a day, complete with vocalizing, sobbing, shrieking and lots of full facial wet kisses.


10 Vegan Dogs Whose Long Meaningful Lives Will Inspire You To The Very Depth Of Your Heart“is my 14 year old bloodhound/lab mutt. He has been our family dog for his entire life but this past spring when my parents were getting ready to sell their house, dealing with some medical issues, etc, he and their other dog (his own son!) started fighting constantly. The last fight put my poor Daineypie in the doggy hospital. Because of everything else going on at my parents’ home and me living in Boston, medical boarding while he healed was the best and only choice. There was talk of trying to put him in a shelter but with his age, medical and physical history, we knew it would ultimately lead to him being euthanized. He was considered “unadoptable.” Before my parents made a decision, my siblings and I all came together to discuss it and demanded no decision be made until we saw him in medical boarding. After seeing him and knowing he still had a few good years left, I couldn’t let him go anywhere. He came to live with me a few days later and was transitioned to a vegan diet. He used to have constant oily skin with dandruff combined with old joints and a bad case of pancreatitis a few years prior. That combined with all of the times he has been attacked by other dogs, he should be an absolute mess, or dead. Other than the occasional stiff joints on cold days, his skin looks so much better and people constantly compliment me on how much energy he has! Nobody believes he is 14.”


10 Vegan Dogs Whose Long Meaningful Lives Will Inspire You To The Very Depth Of Your Heart“We rescued Him in May 2012 and he became vegan June 2012. Ace is around 2 years old and I’m not exactly positive about what breeds he is. My guess would be Pomeranian x Border Collie? When we first got him he had been mistreated and neglected, but he was still a very loving playful puppy. Ace came to us with absolutely no training, it’s amazing how much he has learned and changed just through our love and attention! He loves chewing things, he loves fetch, he loves cuddles and kisses and he acts like a cat! I don’t know how he picked up the habit, but he’s always kicked his back legs after going to the toilet and he loves to get up really high and jump on things! If you lean over there is a good chance he will jump on your back and want to go for a ride :p ~ I noticed MAJOR changes in Ace when we switched him to a vegan diet! His coat got smoother, and shinier. He had more energy, he smelled better (and yes I mean even his waste smelled better.) He loves vegan food, and he is a FIEND for fruit and vegetables